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A Hypnotherapist's Casebook Download Epub Mobi Pdf Fb2
A Hypnotherapist's Casebook Download Epub Mobi Pdf Fb2




A Hypnotherapist's Casebook

by Annette Brown

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This book is about the Training and practice of a Hypnotherapist.
People know very little about Hypnotherapy and how effective it can be at resolving a variety of psychological and some physical problems.
Each Hypnotherapist has different skills and interests and brings these into their work.
Just a sample of ills that the therapy can address are now listed.

Obesity and compulsive eating, Eating disorders, Phobias of all sorts, Smoking Cessation, Anxiety,
Low Self-Esteem, Exogenous and Endogenous Depression, Male and Female Fertility, Insomnia,
Nail Biting, Blushing, Psoriasis, Sexual Problems and dysfunction, IBS, Anaesthesia, Pain Control, Compulsive behaviour. The list is endless and with a good therapist people do extremely well.

The Hypnotherapist will help you to enter a trance and then work with your sub-conscious to make changes in your behavior or receptors. This can be very effective relieving all manner of problems.

This book starts with a review of the Training done to achieve the Hypnotherapy Diploma and be competent to practice.
This introduction will lead to descriptions of actual cases and treatments with explanations of the outcomes to the therapy.
Quite a lot of space is given to Past-Life Regression as this has been a keen interest and was one of my reasons for becoming a Hypnotherapist.

This is a biopic of a PLR of a Female Client who came to see me with obesity due to eating anxiety.

The Client is assisted into trance and using a script taken to an Archive where they are asked to take a book about themselves pertaining to a past life.

H( Hypnotherapist)
Look at the book and tell me what you see?
C ( Client)
I see myself as a man and I'm in China a very long while ago. I have no shoes and wear a loincloth and a triangular, pointed hat.
What's your name and age and what do you do?
My name is Lung-Chow and I am 27 years. I work the land and have three pigs and some chickens. I have a wife and three young children. We are very poor and it's a hand to mouth existence.
Move Forward, what's happening?
The bandits are coming. They kill and destroy. We are hiding in the reeds by the river.
We see smoke as they have burnt our huts. They take all our animals and they kill anyone they find. Men, women and children. It is terrible, with their horses they have been in the rice fields and destroyed the crop. We are left with nothing. We will starve, there will be no food and we need to rebuild our huts.
Move forward
It's over. The winter has come and we have no food, my wife and the children have died and I will go too soon. I am very hungry but there is nothing. All the village is dying of starvation and there is no hope and no help.
I am dead and I see my grandmother. She is beckoning me to go to her,I feel very good and the pain is all gone. I am happy now.

There is a clear link for my Client with her food anxiety and a past-life death from starvation. By visiting this life several times the fear and affective memories can be put to rest. After even one regression this lady felt better about her eating and reduced her intake as the acute anxiety around food subsided.

Many other types of treatments are covered in this Casebook and it should give some idea of how hypnotherapy is delivered and what happens during a trance session.
It's impossible to predict the outcomes of treatments as some people respond very well to help and others do not. In my experience the more intelligent a Client the more receptive they are and enter trance easily.
Every Client is an individual and their session has to be based on their personal history and formatted specifically for them. I find the work very demanding and it's hard not to drift off with the Client after half an hour of trance.

I sincerely hope you enjoy reading this book.



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A Hypnotherapist's Casebook Annette Brown

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